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Help with other scenarios that require financial planning such as...

Life Changing Events

At some point everyone will experience a life changing event – happy or sad.

In the latter, this may be the result of divorce or death of a loved one. You may be faced with making financial decisions at a time of anxiety, sadness or grief.  Financial matters that you may once have viewed as ‘normal routine’ may seem complicated, unfamiliar – yet there’s often an expectation for you make decisions that could have long term consequences at a distressing and emotional time.

We offer advice on…

Trustees and Charities

It’s widely reported that this sector is likely to increase as individuals are able and willing to volunteer their time to worthy causes. There is great emphasis placed on trustees concerning their role and duties – whether simply routinely devoting a few hours each week, arranging and running the trust or investing assets on behalf of the trust.


Trustees have duty of care that’s being scrutinised more and more by members of the public as well as official bodies. Nestegg offers impartial and objective advice focused on helping you make good informed long-term strategic decisions – balancing the often complex and conflicting requirements to satisfy your role as trustee.


In the case of investments Nestegg can recommend a portfolio as well as provide ongoing advice and support. You will have the final say over how and where your money is invested.  The process will include such things as – assessment of the charities investment aims and objectives i.e. the investment policy statement that should specify, for example, factors such as income requirements, ethical considerations, investment restrictions and risk tolerance.

Equally, it’s not uncommon for individuals wanting to give money to others – either now or after you’ve passed away. It may be that you want to make financial gifts within your family or leave a charitable legacy to a cause that is close to your heart.


Similarly, you might wish to make financial gifts with certain conditions, for example; your money to be used for a certain purpose, such as a grandchild’s wedding, or only accessed at a certain age, or keen to ensure your money stays within the family.


Few would disagree that the UK tax system is notoriously complex – whether Self Assessment, Limited Company Returns, Charity or Trust.
The HMRC and Companies House place set deadlines on the appropriate Return being submitted on time – otherwise you are likely to incur financial penalty.

You may be eligible to receive various tax allowances and reliefs each year and making the most of them can save you a lot of money.

We can help you to structure your finances to ensure you are making the most of your allowances, including those for:

*Please note that not all of the above is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


The benefits of structuring your finances tax-efficiently can be huge. We can help you to do this – so you won’t pay any more tax than you need to.