Our Approach

Individuals and families

Clients approach us for a variety of reasons – perhaps to appraise their current position, future plans or how to address specific issues. For example:
  • Life assurance, income protection and related benefits
  • Maximising investment opportunities
  • Retirement planning
  • Inheritance planning
  • Settlements on divorce
  • Mortgage solutions
  • Tax planning*
* Services not regulated by Financial Conduct Authority.

Professionals – Medical & Dental

We understand key elements and considerations – whether you’re are a consultant or GP working within the NHS or privately. For example:
  • The  NHS pension scheme – pre and post 2015
  • Pay methods and scales
  • Death benefits provided
  • Funding and finance arrangements for buying into and out of a practice
  • Locum responsibilities and cover
  • Lifetime and annul allowance relating to pension contribution and benefits
  • LCEA post 2018

Business Owners

A common approach for business people is to work hard – doing something they enjoy for satisfaction and reward.  Alongside is providing for others whether they are individual, family or employees.


Retirement considerations might be close or some way off – but planning for this and different scenarios should be addressed as early as possible, for example:


  • How much income from pensions do I have or can I accumulate?
  • What happen to family members if I’m unable to work because of accident/illness or worse still should I die prematurely?
  • Does my existing shareholder agreement and connected insurance provide the business and surviving families with sufficient cash to survive?
  • Is the business protected against the loss of key employees?
    If I decide to stop work – what will happen to the business and should sell or keep an interest?
  • How can ensure my employees have a future in the business and longer term employment security?