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Partnership Focus


This is a specific ‘one-off’ service that includes analysis of your existing financial position, aims and objectives.


The service caters for those occasions where you do not require ongoing financial planning. So, once the work is completed we do not monitor the plan or offer you a review.

Partnership Strategy


This is our review service designed for clients who want ongoing reviews to give their plan the best chance of meeting their objectives.


We carry out a detailed analysis of your current situation, future aims and objectives.


A long term strategy is put in place – that will include existing products as well as new ones, if appropriate.


Once your plan has been created we regularly monitor and if appropriate propose adjustments – so that your plan remains on course.


We include a yearly summary report and review meeting as part of the service.


You’ll also have free access to discuss matters with your dedicated adviser and receive a discount on any further requested work.

Partnership Mortgage


For clients wishing to raise mortgage finance on a residential or buy to let basis.


The emphasis is to find the right mortgage to suit your needs. We assist you throughout the process from sourcing to completion – helping you every step of the way.


We’ll also review existing mortgage protection/life assurance or arrange suitable cover, if required.

Partnership Tax


A service designed to cover aspects of tax; we will assess your income and submit a return for example; Individual Self Assessment or Small Limited Companies with Corporation Tax.


You may be eligible to receive various tax allowances and reliefs each year and making the most of them can save you a lot of money. We can help you to structure your finances to ensure you are making the most of your allowances, including those for Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Dividend Income and Pension Contributions.

Service Process

Overview of what you can expect from Nestegg, we have detailed the processes involved for each of our service propositions.


This provides an opportunity to discuss your financial needs and answer your questions. 

We will collate all your existing financial arrangements, which may require contact with your current providers. Our aim is for a comprehensive understanding of your current situation.

Once satisfied wilt all the relevant data we will research appropriate products for a solution to bridge any identified gaps or shortfall – likely to impact on you achieving your objectives.

For our Partnership Strategy clients this provides an opportunity to meet with your dedicated adviser to examine proposals in detail and how your plan will work effectively.

A report including recommendations and proposals will be provided.

Once we have confirmed proposals we will implement the agreed work.

As we know personal circumstances very rarely remain the same year on year. To keep your plan on track it’s vital to review it on a regular basis. For our Partnership Strategy clients this is included as part of service and we offer a review meeting each year.